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Midland – Band

The Fruit Yard Amphitheater

Now wait a minute! You’re going to want to take a seat when you hear that on Friday 26th July 2024, Midland - Band is finally returning to the world famous The Fruit Yard Amphitheater in Modesto, California for a live country music concert that you won’t want to miss.

Join us in Modesto for a night out of chart-toppers like “Drinkin’ Problem” and “Burn Out”. Midland brings a blend of classic and modern country in a unique style loved by thousands. Don't miss the chance to witness this Grammy-nominated band up close. Dance and sing alongside their engaging stage presence and soulful songs!

Ticket prices starting from just $79, it's an affordable night of firstrate entertainment. Click the ‘buy tickets’ button now!

Are you ready for an eventful evening in Modesto, California, as the celebrated country band Midland takes the stage at The Fruit Yard Amphitheater on Friday, 26th July 2024. Feel the unity and connection as strangers become friends - bound by their love for country music and an unforgettable band like Midland.

Midland - Band

Midland, always delivering their vintage-inspired country sound, has received perfect reviews of their most recent album, 'The Last Resort: Greetings From.' Released under Big Machine Records, it has resonated deep with fans for its heartfelt lyrics and Midlands notorious unique sound. The band has grown from humble beginnings as a bar band to becoming highly most prized country music headliners! Their recent 'The Last Resort Cruise' featured performances alongside Orville Peck.

The Fruit Yard Amphitheater Information

The Fruit Yard Amphitheater goes above and beyond. Located in Modesto, California, The Fruit Yard Amphitheater is well known for its picturesque settings and excellent sound system, making it the perfect venue for Midland’s performance. The amphitheater has a modest seating capacity perfect for an friendly yet exciting show experience. For more information about the venue, you may contact The Fruit Yard Amphitheater directly.

Ticket Information

Tickets for Midland’s concert at The Fruit Yard Amphitheater on July 26th, 2024, are now available starting from $79. Ensure you get your tickets from the secure shop, Ticket Squeeze, by clicking the "buy tickets" button.

This summer, put on your cowboy hat and boots and be part of this extraordinary night of country music magic in Modesto.

About the Venue

the fruit yard amphitheater

The Fruit Yard Amphitheater

The Fruit Yard Amphitheater, Modesto, California, 95357, US