Fruit Yard Amphitheater Information

Fruit Yard Amphitheater

Fruit Yard Amphitheater has been around for almost half a century. Since its opening, its become a crossroads of entertainment while layering in an interest in agriculture. Some even call it The Sound of the Valley with its location being nestled just east of Modesto at the corner of Geer and Yosemite.

Day by day, the valley finds itself involved in agriculture and commerce with locals tilling the land to bear delicious fruit and spending their nights in celebration. And the venue seeks to emulate that spirit with the kind of integrity and love that most only find in America’s farmers. And just like the farmers of the valley, the venue works hard so they can play hard and expect that same level of commitment to quality from all the bands, musicians, festivals, and organizations invited to their stage.

What Fruit Yard Has To Offer

The venue’s goal is to give Modesto residents and visitors from near and far a place to connect with the best entertainers. It’s stage and seating arrangement keeps things intimate as all seating is within only 200 feet of the bands. This includes general admission lawn seating which is around 100 feet from the stage and reserved seating that keeps you up close and personal with the act.

But more than that, Fruit Yard Amphitheater also emphasizes community. Its close and intimate design brings people together so they can join and enjoy music as a group. Even the ADA-approved handicap seating spaces are scattered within every seating section so that guests with mobility needs can still feel close to the stage and their fellow music lovers.

In addition, the venue has a wide selection of convenient vendors offering food, drinks, and alcohol. But unlike many venues, this is world-class dining with some surprising selections available on the menu at every vendor. In other words, it’s the kind of place that vacations are made of.

What Fans Have To Say

As you can guess, this venue has earned a lot of high praise from visitors. Many have even called Fruit Yard Amphitheater their favorite outdoor venue and make it a point to drop by multiple times each season. 

Many praise the venue’s gorgeous outdoor patio area filled with tents and tables with nearby fans for relaxation. Some prefer talking about the incredible variety of meals that include unexpected items like Jerusalem chicken, raviolis, and steak dishes as well as a fully loaded salad bar if you want some green in your diet or follow a more vegan diet. But nothing surprises fans more than the prices for these dishes and services, which have been called very reasonable by the most frequent guests and visitors. 

This leaves guests with plenty to enjoy before and after the show when they aren’t distracted by the gorgeous view surrounding the venue. With large grassy hills, the freshest of California air, and a wholesome vibe that permeates the spirit from the moment guests arrive. For many guests, visiting Fruit Yard Amphitheater is an important part of their social calendar since you can’t help but walk away from their events without a smile.

For many, Fruit Yard Amphitheater is the solution to the hard days and challenges of modern day living.

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