Fruit Yard Amphitheater Parking

7948 Yosemite Blvd, Modesto, California 95357

NOTICE: Traffic in Modesto by the Fruit Yard Amphitheater can get busier at times of the major events. We typically recommend allowing extra time to arrive, park and walk to the venues entrance.

Fruit Yard Amphitheater is located at 7948 Yosemite Boulevard. Modesto, California 95357. You can find directions to the venue with your choice of GPS or map making software. Or, if you are staying in the area or visiting, you can also request a ride share drop off.

Guests are expected to arrive on time as shows will start at the time listed on their tickets. Please note that as concert nights can be busy, we recommend you arrive no later than 40 minutes prior to the start time. This will give you plenty of time to find parking and get ot your seat. If you require ADA-assistance, then we recommend arriving no later than an hour before your ticketed event.

Once you arrive there is plenty of parking available on-site for all concerts at The Fruit Yard Amp. Bus and limo parking needs to be confirmed ahead of time and reserved in advance. All parking is $10 payable only in cash.